Monthly VIP ($159): Unlimited Kaia classes!


Peace of mind knowing you will never have to worry about signing up.
Your spot is reserved at your preferred class time and location.
UNLIMITED access to our 5:30am, 6:30am, and 9:30am classes.
Continued nutrition and wellness support.
VIP's receive three BRIK Boot Camps and six CORE sessions over the course of 12 months.
Interim classes and Saturday Power Hours included.
You receive a discount on our specialty programs (I Kan Run).
You save over $300 or more every year.
You are invited to the annual Kaia VIP appreciation events.
You become part of a group of women dedicated to health and fitness.

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8-class package ($120): Unable to commit to our unlimited VIP option? Purchase an 8-class package and use within 6 months. (Please note that with the 8-class package, we ask that you login to your account and sign into the class roster prior to attending to class.)

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Session Locations:

  • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 5:30am and 6:30am: Montclair Park (6300 Moraga Ave. outside next to the rec center)
  • Monday/Tuesday 9:30am: Lake Temescal (large North parking lot off Broadway)
  • Thursday 9:30am: Joaquin Miller Park (baseball diamond)
  • Saturday 8:00am: Joaquin Miller Park (playground)

* Locations of classes are subject to change. If you are a new Kaia girl, please email us at to confirm the location. *

CORE and BRIK Session Dates:

  • Body Works CORE - 6/22/15-7/18/15
  • Kaiaventure CORE - 7/20/15-8/22/15
  • INTERIM WEEK - 8/25 and 8/27 (class at 5:30am Tues/Thurs only during Interim Week)
  • Kaia Cup BRIK - 8/31/15-10/10/15
  • INTERIM WEEK - 10/13 and 10/15 (class at 5:30am Tues/Thurs only during Interim Week)
  • Break the Tape CORE - 10/19/15-11/14/15
  • Rev YOU 2015 CORE - 11/16/15-12/19/15


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